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The history of naval warfare of human civilization is short but 3,000 years old. During this long period, wars have been organized that have changed the course of history. Transportation and communication system was easier by river or sea. So at some point, it became necessary to occupy a certain area of ​​the seaway. At the same time, the need to occupy any land increases the tendency of floating boats in the water. Since then the type of naval warfare has changed.

As civilization progressed, so did the value of naval warfare. Even the great empires built giant warships to enrich themselves. Evidence of this can be found by looking at ships discovered underwater at different times. In today's article we will learn about some of the ancient naval wars.

    *1. Battle of Salamis

After the conquest of Artemisium and Thermopylae by the Persians, the 'Battle of Salamis' was organized. In late 490 BC, King Georges sent an army to Greece. They occupied most of Greece, including Athens. However, the Greek navy was stationed at Salamis at that time.A narrow canal had to be crossed to reach Salamis by boat. The Greek navy was weaker than the Persians in terms of strength. So they took up position in Salamis on the other side of the canal instead of fighting directly. So that the Persian navy had to cross the canal and come here.


This strategy of the Greeks could not catch the Persian navy. So they sailed towards Salamis. But as they crossed the narrow canal ahead, they were attacked by the Greek navy. As a result, the Persian navy was dispersed at that moment. As they advanced towards Salamis, the intensity of the Greek forces' attack increased. Seeing no way out, the Persians decided to retreat. But by then enough damage has been done.The Greeks destroyed 300 naval ships sent by the Persian king. On the other hand, only 40 of their ships were damaged.

The result of this victory of the Greeks against the Persians was far-reaching. After an unexpected defeat for the Greeks, King Georges withdrew from the military campaign. And in this gap the Greeks focused on increasing their power.At one point, the weak Greek forces were able to deal with the Persians. Behind such a wonderful rise of the Greeks, the battle of Salamis was able to play a huge role.

   *2. Delta War

Numerous temples were built during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses III of Egypt. They depicted the naval battles of the time. Later, when archaeologists found the temples, their research revealed the mystery of the murals. During the reign of Ramesses, nomads living at sea often fought with the Egyptians.The nomadic community at sea, consisting of Czechoslovakians, Sicilians, and Sardinians, settled.

These nomadic groups traveled to the eastern Mediterranean. Then, towards the end of the Bronze Age, they invaded Anatolia, Syria, Canaan, Cyprus, and Egypt. According to historians, these marine nomadic groups hastened the departure of the Bronze Age.Ramesses chased these nomadic groups into Syria. After defeating them, he returned to Egypt. Upon his return to Egypt, he realized that enemies could invade Egypt. Due to which Rameses focused on increasing his naval power.He thought that the Egyptian army would bring the nomads to the shores of the Nile. Ramesses' archers will be hiding on the river bank. As a result, they will be able to resist the nomads from both sides.

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