Is there a huge change in the publication of scientific research papers as a result of Kovid-19?

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Humans are fighting coronaviruses in laboratories, from which data is coming out, being published in research papers or scientific journals. The whole system of scientific research with laboratory-researcher-university-teachers is called academy. The research paper does the work of connecting one researcher with another in the academy; Research papers provide information on what contemporary researchers are doing, where a job has come to a halt, what can be done new.

The quality of a researcher's research paper, the 'impact factor' of the journal he has published in, the citations of the researcher's research paper or the number of times his work has been mentioned in any other research are all taken very seriously in academia.

However, research papers are not published as soon as they are sent to quality journals.

It was initially sent to Peer Review. Where researchers or scientists who are working in harmony with the research work scrutinize the research content, comment or ask questions if necessary. The researcher has to answer this opinion or question.

Overcoming these obstacles to maintaining the quality of publication, a research paper sees the light of day after a long time. The information of his research reached the rest of the researchers and scientists. And for that, send a research paper, a researcher has to wait for weeks or even months.

The impact of the Kovid-19 epidemic has changed the world of scientific research. As the research on covid has increased in universities and various research institutes, the researchers associated with it also want his research to be evaluated as soon as possible, so that his work can reach all over the world.

  *The preprint server has become a beacon of new hope

The researchers overcame the length of the journal's review and released it before it was published, using a 'preprint server'. As a result of Kovid-19, hundreds of researchers from all over the world are following this path, using this type of server to deliver the latest information of their research.An example is given by Anna Obenoff, a researcher at the Vienna Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, who is working on skin cancer. Many laboratories around the world are doing the same thing. So if you can't publish his work before, you will run back. After giving it to a journal, it will go to review, it is not clear when it will be published. So earlier he published the manuscript of his research paper on a server called ‘bioRxiv’.

This medium of communicating the basics of research with researchers in the same field has been in vogue for decades in physics and mathematics. During the Corona virus, public health, medical research has increased tremendously. This amount of research paper requires a huge amount of manpower and time to sort through the ‘peer review’ process. Therefore, researchers are releasing the results, information and manuscripts of their research papers on print servers.

The two names ‘bioRxiv’ and ‘medRxiv’ are now becoming popular among researchers as a preprint server for biology and medical science research. According to John Inglis, co-founder of the server and co-director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the importance of preprint in publishing research is now at an all-time high. Ever since the beginning of Covid-19, urgent research papers have been coming in print from China and other countries of the world. And even after Corona, this medium of rapid communication between scientists will continue.


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