Rise of the Roman Empire (Episode 16): Second Punic War 214-213 BC

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*The Third Battle of Nola (214 BC)
Nola was very important to Hannibal in establishing dominance in Campania. Once again he tried to grab Nola. The opponent is Marcellus. Hannibal again set up camp near Nolar, continuing the violence around Naples. Marcellus called the Roman army from Suesala to Nola. He led a cavalry commander named Gaius Claudius Nero out of the city in the dark of night with some troops.Their job was to retreat behind the Carthaginian forces. Nero was instructed to follow them silently and jump on them from behind when the battle started.

For whatever reason, Nero lost Hannibal at one point. Without him, Marcellus was able to stop Hannibal. According to Livy, Carthage lost more than 2,000 troops to Roman casualties of 400. The next day Hannibal left the camp, he never tried to capture Nola again.

  *Recall of Casilinum (214 BC)

Leaving a portion of the Roman army in Nola, Marcellus met with Consul Fabius. The purpose was to recover Casilinum from Carthage. The town then had a garrison of about 3,000 Carthaginian soldiers. They try to defend the city. Some of the inhabitants appealed to Fabius to let them go safely. When the gates of the city were opened, Marcellus attacked from there.The Roman army killed many people and captured many of the garrison troops and sent them to Rome. Casilinum slipped from Hannibal's hand.


    *First Battle of Beneventam (214 BC)

At Hannibal's command, the Carthaginian commander Hanno was to join him with 16,000 infantry and 1,500 cavalry. Beneventam fell on his way through the samnium. Here the Roman army led by Gracas came before him and encamped.A large part of Gracas' forces were slave volunteers. Rome promised to free them from slavery after two years if they joined the army. One year had passed. Gracus negotiated with the Roman Senate and promised them that if they could defeat Hanover's forces, they would all be released.

Outside Beneventam the two forces began to fight. Even after nearly four hours of intense fighting, no one was able to repel anyone. Gracas ordered his cavalry to charge. In contrast the Numidian forces dealt with them recklessly. At this stage of the war the two generals intervened directly. At the instigation of Gracas, the Romans attacked the Carthaginians so fiercely that their tactics broke down. Hano escaped with only 2,000 fighters.

   *Battle of Sicily (214-212 BC)

Leontina (214): After the death of Hierro II, Syracuse sided with Carthage. The two Carthaginian brothers, Hippocrates and Apisides, arrive in Syracuse. They signed an agreement with the advisory council of Syracuse's juvenile king Hironimus.In 214 BC, Hironimus was killed by an assassin. When rebellion broke out in the town of Leontini under Syracuse, Hippocrates and Apisides arrived with some troops and declared it independent. From here they carried out small-scale attacks on the territory of Rome. At one point Hippocrates completely destroyed a base in Rome, killing many Roman soldiers.

When Marcellus demanded compensation from Syracuse, they informed him that they had no control over Leontini. Marcelus then stormed and captured the city. Hippocrates and Apisides fled to Syracuse.

Syracuse (213-12): Marcellus and Claudius Pulcher block Syracuse. At first Marcellus planned to attack the city directly.Accordingly, he attacked Pulchar by sea and by land. But Syracuse had one unique resource - the scientist Archimedes. Thanks to his invented catapult and other instruments, Syracuse thwarted Roman aggression. Disappointed, Marcellus planned to capture the city through a siege.

Meanwhile, Carthaginian General Himilko landed in Sicily with 20,000 infantry and 3,000 cavalry, along with 12 elephants. He captured several nearby towns, most notably Agrigentum. Marcellus himself marched towards Agrigentam with some troops. But realizing that it was not possible to retake the agreement with a small number of troops, he returned.

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