The way epidemics have changed the world at different times

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The epidemics that have occurred in the history of the world at different times have not stopped with only one-time damage. On the one hand, as many lives have been taken away, so many changes of civilization have been left. Epidemics leave some changes in economic, social, agricultural management. As a result, the economic system of the whole world has collapsed, and sometimes the socio-economic management of a country has changed the face of everything.

A review of the history of human civilization from the beginning reveals a myriad of epidemics, both short-term and long-term. The scope of any of these was worldwide. Some were spread to only one country or a few regional countries. Some epidemics spread throughout the continent. Almost all of them have suffered huge losses as well as various changes. And the latest addition to the global epidemic record is the Covid-19 or Corona virus.

The deadly corona virus has spread rapidly around the world since December 2019. As a result, the world has already seen a huge change. Lockdown, the economic downturn, the state of the labor market, the tragic consequences of the medical system and much more. But how have the world seen all the changes in the case of previous epidemics? Let's find out.


 *Rapid improvement of the poor class of society

In the 14th century, there was an epidemic of plague in Europe, Africa, and Asia, known as the Black Death. The epidemic lasted from 1348 to 1353 AD. It is estimated that 65–200 million people died on the three continents during this period. The disease, which spread from the Asian continent, was spread through the transportation of goods on cargo ships. The ship's sailors were the main carriers of the plague.

However, the socio-economic damage caused by the epidemic changed dramatically in the aftermath of the epidemic. The death of a large number of people led to inconsistencies in the labor market. This increases the chances of getting jobs for the poorer sections of the society. Many left their traditional occupations and joined agriculture. Because farmers could then demand more money for the grain they produced.As a result, the poorer sections of the society were rapidly improving their financial situation. Even then, those who worked for only one person had the opportunity to work in more than one place. As well as the administration of the areas began to be strict for the health security of the people. In other words, in the aftermath of the plague of the 14th century, the socio-economic conditions in Europe, Asia and Africa began to change dramatically.

 ★Radical changes in the post-epidemic medical system

Although a country's medical system cannot change overnight. This requires extensive planning and review. And it all depends on the policy makers of the country. In 1918 an influenza virus spread throughout the world in the form of an epidemic. Whose other name is Spanish flu. The epidemic is estimated to have killed between 20 and 50 million people worldwide.And the number of people infected with this disease exceeds 500 million. But in the aftermath of the epidemic, the medical system in the affected countries has undergone major changes.

Since 1920, Russia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and many other countries have introduced central health care systems. On the other hand, the United States introduced worker-based health insurance system. In both cases, the government provides health care to a large number of people.As a result, the risk of not getting medical care in the event of any further disaster or epidemic is greatly reduced.

At the same time, there is a huge change in the hospital structure of the countries. To keep the environment inside the hospital sterile and regularly clean, all wooden furniture is removed and metal furniture is provided. This makes it much easier to ensure a germ-free environment inside the hospital.


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