Laura Bassi: History has not remembered the female physicist

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The first person that comes to mind when the word 'female scientist' is uttered is Mary Curie. She is the most famous woman scientist in the world of science. Be that as it may, the achievement of winning the Nobel Prize in Physics and Chemistry at the same time is second to none. She is considered a role model for all science-minded women in the world for her contributions to science.


Although Vijnanmahal is somehow male-dominated, the number of women here is not small. We all know more or less about Mary Curie. The world's first programmer, but actually a woman. The first computer program in Charles Babbage was written by the mathematician Ada Lovelace. Watson and Crick won the Nobel Prize for uncovering the structure of DNA. But the contribution of another scientist behind the discovery of this double helix of DNA is hidden. She is Rosalind Franklin.

In the history of science, the contribution of many women has gone behind men or has not received any response at all. In today's article we will learn about such a woman scientist. The arrival of this scientist took place a few hundred years before Mary Curie and Rosalind Franklin. But her name is no longer spoken aloud in the list of women scientists. She is the Italian physicist Laura Bassi.

Although it seems like a very unfamiliar name, it was not so unfamiliar in eighteenth-century Europe. On paper, she is one of the world's first professional female scientists.

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