Dr. Ignaz Simmelweis: The world is on the path to coronavirus

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Go to Google today, you will see a man with a taco head showing his hand, and next to it is a picture of someone washing his hands. Why can you tell me such a picture today? And who is this bald man?

The man in the picture is Ignaz Simelways. This famous Hungarian physician and scientist was born on July 1, 1818. She has been called the ‘Father of Infection Control’ and the ‘Savior of Mothers’. It is for these two reasons that Google has honored this man with a doodle today. The path shown by this man is being followed all over the world today for the purpose of surviving coronavirus infection.

But what exactly did he do? Come on, let me tell you the story.

Today, people are hundreds of thousands more aware of hand washing than at any other time in the past. However, this was not the case a few centuries ago, and even among the doctors themselves, it was not as it should have been. Dr. Simmelweis found that maternal mortality rates were unusually high after giving birth for some unknown reason.That's why, he said, doctors and other medical staff are carrying germs from other patients before they come in contact with pregnant mothers, which is causing those mothers to die.


He used chlorinated lime solution in 1848 and then instructed all the care of the maternity ward in the obstetrics ward of Vienna General Hospital. He gave such instructions as the chief resident of this ward. On this day in 1848, Dr. Simmelweis was appointed to the post.

Sadly, Simmelweis's doctrine was contrary to established science and ideas at the time. As a result, the medical community rejected the proposal. The Vienna General Hospital, however, began to recover, and the rate of infection was greatly reduced.

Simmelweis made such a proposal based on his experience and sixth sense, but he could not present any scientific evidence behind his proposal. On the other hand, they were also angry at this man for calling his colleagues a kind of 'unclean'. They did not stop teasing him about the opportunity.

As he was vocal and steadfast about his statement, pressure and sarcasm were coming from all around. At one stage, Dr. Simelways could not take these anymore. So in 175 he suffered a nervous breakdown. There, too, his colleagues conspired to send him to an asylum for treatment of a mental illness, calling him 'mentally ill'. 14 days after being sent there, the far-sighted doctor fell to his death after being severely beaten by the guards.

Dr. Simmelweis's proposal was later confirmed by the French microbiologist Louis Pasteur's germ theory and the British surgeon Joseph Lister. Google today released a video Google Doodle commemorating his memorable contribution, which has been announced as the biggest weapon against the Covid-19 today.

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