Ferrara, an Italian city that has thumbed its epidemic for hundreds of years

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The whole world, including Europe, is now in turmoil due to the coronavirus. The epidemic spread to Italy soon after China, one of the largest economies. About 1.5 million people in the country have already been infected with the coronavirus. The death toll has also crossed nineteen thousand. In this situation, the country is going to suffer a huge economic blow. Although this is not the first major outbreak in Italy. The country has been hit by epidemics many times in the last four hundred years.

The northern and central parts of Italy were plagued by plague from 1829 to 1931. More than 45,000 people died in Venice alone. Also in Verona and Parma more than half of the total population then died of the disease. But surprisingly, some regions were able to protect themselves from the epidemic.

The northern Italian city of Ferrara is one of those cities.Since 156, no civilians have died of the plague. Coronavirus infection rate is lower in this city than other cities in Italy. At the time of writing, the total number of coronary heart disease patients in the city of Ferrara was 57 and none of them died. It is by far the safest city in Italy in terms of attack statistics.Not only was the disease under control, but the city of Ferrara, which had its thumbs up to the plague of 1829, shocked Italy and the whole of Europe. Activities to protect the city from the epidemic began in the 1350s.



After the terrible Black Death in 1348, epidemic measures were taken all over Italy. John Henderson, a professor in the Italian Renaissance Department at the University of London, has this to say. He has also written several books on the plague outbreak in Italy. According to him, the death toll from the Black Death is slowly rising in almost every city in Italy, large and small. Doctors then advised to limit the communication system as well as isolate the patient from the public.After a long time, Italy got rid of the Black Death.For the next few hundred years, plague outbreaks became commonplace in Italy's populous cities. As a result, the country suffered from epidemics in several phases. But the image of the city of Ferrara was completely different. Measures were taken to keep the city free of all contagious diseases, including plague, as in other Italian cities.

But while others do not care about Sesab at one stage, Ferrara continues to take a hard line in anti-plague activities. Today's discussion is about how the city of Ferrara is still protecting its citizens from various epidemics, including the plague.

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