Le Kobujiye: A Legend of Modern Architecture

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Black thick framed round glasses, neat suit, bow tie- in a word, a trademark. He was the inspiration behind many famous personalities from all over the world. Charlie Eduardo Jenner, or Shaft Eduard Jenner, better known as Le Cubuzie, is a Swiss-French architect, urban planner, designer and illustrator. However, his real reputation as one of the pioneers of the international style of modern architecture today.

Le Cabouzier was born on October 6, 18 in La Champa, on the French-Swiss border. He is the second child of father Edua Jenner. Family wise they were involved in the watch manufacturing business. Mary Charlie's mother, Emily Jenner, was a hobby pianist and music teacher.

At the age of 13, he enrolled in the city's School of Applied Art. In keeping with the family tradition, he began to learn watch carving and enameling.But there is one more thing that attracts him more - drawing. He is introduced to Le Platnius, whom he refers to as his 'master'. From him he continued to learn art history, drawing etc. Noticing Le Cabouzier's observational abilities and his tendency to express the surrounding nature in geometric patterns in his drawings, Le Platnie asked him to study architecture. At the age of 16, he embarked on a journey of architecture, the rest of which is just history.

Before he set foot in the twenties, he designed the home of his teacher, Louis Fell. It was not something ahamri. It may be difficult to find our acquaintance, Le Kobujiye, there. However, in the decoration of the house, he painted the design of the pine tree through some simple geometric patterns, which has a philosophy hidden deep inside, which is simply called simplicity!

But his mind did not stay in this city for long. Because he wanted to do something extraordinary. He did not go too far in his academic studies. But where did he learn from, what made him today's Le Cubuyie?

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