That's how the Ninety Five Mask came about

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Ninety-five masks are in great demand around the world at this time of the coronavirus epidemic. It adapts very well to the face and very effectively it can filter the particles floating in the air. This article is about how the Ninety Five Mask was created by changing the course of history from the simple mask.

 *Deodorant theory and the use of masks

When people started using masks, they had no idea that viruses or bacteria floating in the air could make people sick. This view was expressed by Christos Lintaris, an expert on the history of medical masks.
Marseille's paintings of 1820 show that grave diggers and other people who searched the corpses covered their faces with cloth. Marseille was then plagued by the bubonic plague. According to Lenteris, people did not cover their faces and noses with cloths to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Rather, they believed that diseases, such as plague, were a foul odor that emanated from the earth's surface. This is why they used to cover their face and nose with cloth to avoid bad smell.

This stench theory led to the use of plague masks throughout Europe in the 1800's. This plague mask was mainly used by doctors who identified plague. Doctors at the time would identify infected patients with a gentle tap with a stick. These long masks were like big bird's lips. At the ends of the masks were two nostrils that could be filled with perfume. People thought that by protecting themselves from the stench of the plague, they could protect themselves from the plague.

This idea of ​​man existed until the beginning of the nineteenth century,” Linteris said.

In the late 180's, scientists came up with the idea of ​​bacteria. With the development of microbiology, the stench theory became extinct.

 *Surgical mask

In 1898, doctors first started using surgical masks. But this surgical mask was not used then to filter the particles floating in the air. They used it to prevent any drops of fluid from sneezing or coughing during surgery.

 *Modern respirator

In the autumn of 1910, a plague broke out in Manchuria, now known as Northern China. One hundred percent of the patients would die within 24-48 hours of the onset of symptoms. To overcome this situation, the Chinese royal court hired a young doctor named Lien Teh Wu. He studied medicine from Cambridge.

Wu diagnoses a plague patient by autopsy, saying the plague is not spread by flies, but by air. He made masks of a tougher nature than the kind of surgery masks he saw in the Western world. He made this mask with cotton cloth and gauze which could cover the face very tightly. A few layers of cloth were also added to his mask to purify the breathing process. It was a groundbreaking discovery, but few doctors questioned its effectiveness.

There was a famous French doctor named Gerald Menci at that time. "Plague is an airborne and pneumonia-causing disease," Wu explained to Menci. Menci insulted him when he heard Ur's theory. Not only that, he went to a plague patient in the hospital after the mask invented by him to prove himself right. Unfortunately, in just two days, Mensi died of the plague. This famous incident then spread among the people.

 *N Ninety Five Mask

In 1956, designer Sarah Little Turnbull gave a presentation to the Three M Company asking her to expand the company's business to non-Uven products. She gave the idea of ​​one hundred products and from which she was given the responsibility of making molded bras. But in the late 1950s, Turnbull had to spend a lot of time in the hospital caring for sick family members.He lost three close people in a few days. Out of this sadness, Turnbull invented a new mask called the 'Bubble' surgical mask, which looked like a bra cup.

The 'Bubble' surgical mask was released by Three M Company in 1981. When the company realized that this mask could not resist germs, it was renamed the 'Dust' mask.

In 1980, the Department of Mines and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health developed standards for one-time respirators. The first 3M company to make an Ninety Five mask was approved on May 25, 1982.

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