The fruit of good deeds - instructive stories

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One of the poorest farmers in Scotland. His name is Fleming. One day he was working on the land. Suddenly a cry came from a nearby pond, ‘Save me. Left tea too! '

He quit his job and ran away. There is a little boy drowning in the water. Shaking hands in the water and screaming in panic. Farmer Fleming rescues the boy. The boy was spared certain death.

The next morning a nice car came and stopped in front of the farmer's house. A gentleman dressed in elegant clothes got out of the car.The gentleman introduced himself as the father of the boy whom the farmer Fleming had saved.


‘I want to repay you. You saved my son’s life. ’The gentleman said.

‘No, I can’t get revenge for what I did. Forgive me. 'The farmer replied. At that time his son came out of the house.

‘Is this your son?’ The gentleman asked.

The farmer proudly replied, "Yes, this is my son."

I want to give you an offer. Give me the opportunity to educate your son as well as my son. If you have a little quality in him

Then one day he will be such a great man - we will all be proud of him. '

That is the reality. Farmer Fleming's son was admitted to the best school. The boy graduated in time from St. Mary's Hospital Medical School in London. And with the discovery of penicillin, he became known all over the world as Sir Alexander Fleming.

A few years later. The gentleman's son, who was rescued from the pond, was suffering from pneumonia. The state of dying.

What saved his life at that time? In that penicillin.

What is the name of that gentleman? Lord Randolph Churchill.

Her son's name? Sir Whiston Churchill.

Proverb: The fruit of good deeds is good.

Original Story: What Goes Around Comes Around

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