Marlon Brando: The story of a controversial bad boy Hollywood proverb about becoming a man

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Let's start the story with an acting school in the United States. Two or three such schools have been established in New York for working class people who want to learn acting as a hobby. However, many young school-college students also learn acting here. The acting guru teaches the students to act according to the class routine. Sometimes humorous exercises are done to get rid of boredom. In such a humorous practice class, the instructor gathered everyone and announced,Everyone has to bark like a hound for a minute. According to him, the students barked and shook the four walls of the class in an instant. After a minute, at the end of the barking episode, everyone laughed and made the class laugh. The trainer stopped laughing and said to everyone, “Suppose you are one of the laying hens. Feel free to spend the day eating grains. But one day the siren of an air strike suddenly sounded. Now show the reaction of the chicken. ”


According to the instructor, except for one, everyone in the class fluttered their wings like a real chicken. The chicken itself will be ashamed to see their performance. The trainer is not looking at these frightened chickens. His curious gaze fell on the young man standing still. He asked the young man why he is standing silently? The young man stared at the instructor for a while in surprise.Then he smiled and asked, “Why should I jump on the siren? I am a chicken. What do you know about the chicken siren? ” The whole class burst into laughter at his words. Readers, tell me, is there anything wrong with his words? Not at all. The silent chicken actor of that day became the proverbial man of the acting world in the evolution of time. And the name of this proverbial man is Marlon Brando.

Birth and childhood

Marlon Brando means something special. If this name is taken in front of the movie lovers, the vivid image of the time-honored Don Vito Corlioni will be clearly visible in front of the eyes. That character who revolutionized the world of cinema not only changed acting, but redefined the word 'perfect'. According to famous actor Martin Shin,

"Brando is, in a word, the greatest actor in the history of cinema. I think it will be less if you say so much. He is like Mozart or Beethoven to our generation. ”

According to biographer Patricia Bosworth, “Marlon was a meeting monster; But a captive monster. ” On the silver screen of the movie we have witnessed the revolution of Marlon Brando. Stanley Kowalski, Terry Malay, Vito Corleone,In the midst of the characters of Colonel Walter Cartz, etc., a whole collection of colorful stories of Hollywood monopoly proverbs has emerged. But if we remove the lens of the camera, a different brand will appear in front of us. Brando's childhood was full of misery, with criticism and controversy at every step. This Brando could be found on the pages of the magazine as an alcoholic, chaotic and ‘bad boy’. But the touch of all this could not tarnish his fame even for a moment.

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