Do You Buy dCity Cards Randomly Or From The Market?

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If you want to build your virtual city, you can do that on dCity. You can buy different cards and build your city the way you want. You can buy cards mainly in two ways. One, buy some random cards and two, buy cards in the market.

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One card costs 4 HIVE or 800 SIM. That means 1 SIM is equal to 0.005 SWAP.HIVE. Before buying any card, you should check out the market price. If it is below 0.005, you can buy SIM and then buy cards. In this way, you can save some money.

When you buy random cards, you can choose whether you want to buy 1st Edition cards or 2nd Edition cards. But you have no control over which cards you will get. Sometimes you can get good cards and that puts a smile on your face. Sometimes you might not get very valuable cards. It's luck, I guess.

If you want to buy a specific card, you have to buy it from the market. You can check out the price and directly buy it from there. So should you buy cards randomly or buy from the market?

It depends. You can buy a bunch of cards and then buy from the market to make balance and optimize the city. As I said before, sometimes you get really good cards when you buy random cards.

Sometimes you see cards price in the market is low. So it is reasonable to buy from the market. For example, right now population cards price in the market is low. For example, Apartment card.

Apartament cards.PNG

The current market price of the Apartment card is 6.237 SWAP.HIVE.Two months ago, the Apartment card price was way higher. So it is better to buy population cards from the market. On the other hand, I see different building cards that generate SIM income is higher compared to the price of previous months.

You have to make the decision based on your analysis and what card you need. Sometimes you get cards in the market at a low price. Yesterday I bought 11 GYM cards and it was from 3.49 - 3.50 SWAP.HIVE.

I think dCity is not just buying cards and building city. It is about setting your strategy to buy and sell cards to get higher returns as well as optimize your city.

What do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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