Buying a cow would have been a better investment than investing on Steem

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Over the past 2 years, I have been observing the price of steem like everyone else. There was a time when the price hit near 8$ and it used to be the time where there were many active users and many new investors. I had great hopes for Steem by then and started investing my FIAT on Steem whenever I could. I bought a few Steem when the price was 5$ and then the price reduced to 2.5$ and everyone said that this is the right opportunity to invest because the price will again come back to 5$ anytime soon.



I was in complete FOMO and wanted to invest my hard-earned FIAT on steem and I spent nearly 1000$ overall to purchase Steem. I kept on buying Steem whenever the price dropped thinking that it would raise again but all I ended up seeing was the price graph going down. At any point in time, I did not see a good price to get my investment back by selling some Steem. I don't know if I should blame decentralization for that or the centralized decentralization or the bad people who milked the system very well and dropped the price.

Today we have Hive and the price of Hive is even 2 times the price of Steem and there are many new projects that keep emerging every day. All that is a good sign but user retention and investor retention is not very great, to be honest. I don't know what we would be able to do to get that as well. I'm not writing this article to spread any negative energy or something. I'm just a common man here why is hanging tight to this platform from the day one I joined here trying to see some light over the tunnel.



This all came to my mind when I was having a discussion with @sayee today where she mentioned that buying a cow would have been a better investment than investing in Steem. I believe that is definitely true and it would have ended up as a better investment because the cow would have given enough milk, butter, and ghee in the past two years and it would give birth to another calf probably, and finally, it would have ended better than Steem. I don't think the price of Steem will ever hit 5$ again. Just ignore 5$, I don't think the price would even hit 1 dollar again if I'm not wrong.

Today we are having all our hopes on Splinterlands and Hive for passive income and today I read a tweet about this new blockchain called Blurt which is going to be another fork from Steem. I'm not sure how all these are going to end up but I already have so much of despondency but I still try to keep myself energized. The despondency usually happens when we see someone exploiting the system and try to make some quick bucks. We can't help much because we still have holes here and there in the system from where people try to milk the system for their gain. Hope things will get better soon at least this year or next year.

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