USDT-HIVE market pair has very minimum trade history

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From the day this pair was launched on Bittrex, I have been observing this to do some quick trading. Like I mentioned in one of the articles two days back, I did make a quick trade and gained about 10$ from the trade. But I have been watching the market continuously after that and I notice that there is no big movement in the market. Of course, the price keeps fluctuating a little bit but there are not people trading with USDT-HIVE pair.


If you look at the above graph, you will be able to see that the green and orange lines that go up and down are the only trading moments. Other than that there are few places in the graph where it looks like a dotted line. Those are the places where no trading happened. I was observing the market for several hours and from 11 am in the morning. I noticed no trading in USDT and HIVE. I guess many people are not willing to do the trading in this pair yet or maybe doing the trading in BTC is a bit more powerful than this. I'm not sure about that.


The above is the trade history tracked two hours ago. If you observe it closely, you will be able to notice that there was no trading happening after the 12th hour throughout the day. ANd there were hardly 7 transactions that just happened between the 11th hour and 12th hour of the day. Other than that there were no transactions. That is the reason why the graph also looked flat. Seeing all this, I feel that it is not worth observing this market pair anymore. It might give me a trading opportunity but only once in 3 days. I have to check and see if the BTC market is reliable for me showing some better trading history and trading movements.

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