Did Jeff abandon uptrennd?

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I have been rather interested in uptrennd for quite some time now. I even invested into 1up as I saw a future in it.
The entire project was as simple it looks. It was literally what I envisioned a crypto facebook to be like.

Almost a year back I got heavily invested into it. Probably just as much as I was invested into hive. I had a brilliant time working with the team and community into building a future for uptrennd and how it would influence the general users of the cryptoverse.

We had a few hiccups in the beginning concerning low quality a, spamming, circle jerks, abuse and so on. Soon enough, the core team and a few uptrenndians tackled it with much strategy and deftness.
Jeff and the team made amazing progress in marketing, upgrades and so on.

Before I took my hiatus from the cryptoverse to join the Covid19 frontline, I bought a bunch of 1up and hive, along with other tokens for later.

Soon after I got the time I reviewed all my investments. To my pleasant surprise I had made a comeback at the height of the bull run. Every single investment was in the green except one. Wanna guess which one? 1up, of course.

This led me to finding out what happened to a project that had so much potential. Long story short, Jeff was MIA. Nowhere to find. Not on uptrennd, not in the discord and no sign of him on the telegram group.

He had literally vanished from his baby - uptrennd. A few people were complaining of why Jeff wasn't tweeting about 1up and not updating anything about uptrennd. He also removed anything and everything to do with 1up from his twitter bio.

Why would a project CEO do that?

I took a deeper dive and saw much of the progress in uptrennd had taken a slower pace. Jeff wasn't active and one of the top admins, Elena, had also stepped down.
This wasn't looking too good.

I decided to look into his twitter myself.


Jeff's twitter

This tweet cracked me up so hard! I couldn't fathom what some of the investors may be thinking when they come across this dude who once was the CEO of uptrennd, ran 2 of the biggest crypto FB groups, was sitting in the mountains...completely cold shouldering his baby project. This is hilarious.

I still believe in the project and still love the uptrennd community. I am active on uptrennd currently and aim to keep working on it. I enjoy spending my time there and hope for its best.

About Jeff, although he has completely blacked out of uptrennd, he is currently working for trustswap.
This is his latest project and his twitter bio mentions him as the CEO of trustswap.

It is a fancy escrow system with a lot more to it. I find the project very interesting. I am curious to see how far and successful trustswap becomes. It has some traffic and is a very functional project, IMHO.

I have been around Jeff long enough to respect his hustle and appreciate his work ethic. He is a good man and has a powerful vision. The team behind trustswap is commendable.

Wishing him good luck!


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