A Bow Bunny - easy handmade pen accessory how to

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Hello, friends!

Last night i got an idea to make a bow bunny, cute little bunny to put on my pen or pencil, just to make it more cute :). Going to share to all of you how i made it.

Materials and things needed:

  • unused a bit thick paper
  • pencil
  • permanent marker
  • scissors
  • broken white felt
  • embroidery floss (soft pink, black, peach pink)
  • embroidery needle
  • sewing needle
  • white sewing thread
  • elastic band
  • a broken white button
  • pink ribbon, make a bow with it
  • cotton balls

How to make it:

First, i started from drawing a rabbit on the unused paper with pencil than bold it with the permanent market, then cut it off. Next, copy it on the felt. Remember to make two of it. Also cut them off.


For the ear, used 4 strains of soft pink floss to make the embroidery. To make it easier i embroider the side first then go to fulfill inside too. I simply did the up and down sew to embroider it. For the eye, i used 2 strains of black floss while for the nose i used 2 strains of peach pink floss.


After that, cut a bit of elastic band and then sew it to the back part of the bunny, used two strains of white thread.


Last, sew around the bunny with two strains of white thread. While do the sewing around, i also sew the button for the back and the pink bow for the neck.


How to sew it was quite simple only go to a further point ahead from upside then going up again and then went to the back. Just as easy as what i showed you below. Don't forget to fill the bunny with cotton balls. Then finish the sewing around the bunny.


Voila, the cute bow bunny now ready to use. You could put it on your pen or pencil. Hope you like it and enjoy my article.


Happy needleworking & happy early easter! See you again on my next article tomorrow.
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