Authentic indonesian breakfast, uduk rice & more!

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Hello, friends especially foodies!
Last week i had some day off so i ordered indonesian food and snacks for our breakfast by an online transportation apps. This time i bought all in a cake store from a traditional market. Here how our breakfast looked like


It consisted of uduk rice which wrapped in banana leaves, fried pastel, baked lemper (also wrapped in leaves) plus onde-onde.

Now let me tell you the taste and flavour of each,


One of the best they had was their uduk rice. It only had the sliced fried egg and also fried red shallot on its' top but it was really tasty authentic with the savory flavour. It served with the authentic peanut sambal which had sweet spicy and a bit sour flavour. The fried egg also had savory flavour. This uduk rice was so delicious! And guess the price?
It was only 5k IDR or around 0.3 USD... how cheap!

Next, their fried pastel


It had crunchy skin with vegetables, egg and also chicken inside. It had savory flavour and we ate it with the peanut sambal we got from the uduk rice.

Baked lemper


It had chicken as the filling and it had only light flavour of sweet and savory. A nay for us, don't order this!

The last one was also their authentic, we called it onde onde.


It had round shape with the green bean inside. Outer had crunchy texture and inside was soft. It had perfect flavour of sweet and savory. One of the recommendation too!

We bought 9 items from this store and it was only 35,000 IDR cause i had a voucher of 30% off so it was just around 2.4 USD.

So wanna try our market breakfast too?
Toko kue Namsen
103-104 pasar inpres jelambar
Grogol, West Jakarta
Open daily 5am-11:30am

Order via online app

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