Authentic Legendary Chicken Steamed Rice and Steamed Chicken

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Hello, friends especially foodies!
Today i would like to share our saturday lunch experience. Last saturday, i took mom to one of the legendary restaurant which already popular and already established since 1957. And spectacular thing that it is still popular until now. We came there at around 11 something.

Here how the restaurant look from the outside


Looked so modest from the outside and not large.


A bit surprising they put a table in front of the entry gate, it was dedicated for take away customers.


And inside there were some customers. So they had came before us. They had 2 dining areas, in this floor and also upstair. The dining area was modest with open doors and also only a small old air conditioner.


The menu they had


They sold all indonesian chinese menus here with the super special menu, steamed chicken rice.

We ordered and only wait around 10 minutes to get our food delivered. Here how our lunch looked like


What we had that day were their specialities, steamed chicken rice and steamed chicken.


The taste of their steamed rice was unforgettable and uncomparable. It had a perfect mixture of flavour, savory and sweet with chicken on top. The soft tasty rice was delicious. A must try menu, special!


While their steamed chicken had light savory flavour. The chicken was soft and the broth was so authentic. You must try this too.

For our lunch with a bottle of mineral water, we paid 151k IDR or around 10.6 USD. A worth price for the tasty dishes.


Come and try the legendas here too!
Nasi Tim Baru
38E, Mangga besar raya street
West Jakarta
Open daily 9am-5pm

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