Easter Bunny Mini Drawstring Bag - easy handmade how to

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Hello, friends!

Easter is nearby, so yesterday i finally finished making this cute drawstring bag for easter. You could put anything inside, easter egg, chocolate or other things. It was fun to make and i will share the easiest way to make it.

Materials and things needed:

  • a piece of unused paper
  • scissors
  • cross stitch fabric
  • two kind of natural fabrics: a thin one and a thicker one
  • embroidery hoop
  • embroidery floss in red, green, brown, white, light grey and grey colour.
  • embroidery needle
  • sewing needle
  • sewing thread (maroon, red and white)
  • pins
  • straight pin
  • red ribbon

How to make it:

Cross Stitch Part

Hint: For the cross stitch we used 4 strains of floss, while the back stitch i used 2 strains of floss.
First put the cross stitch fabric inside the embroidery hoop. Cross stitch the bunny with grey embroidery floss. Hint: Stitch from the outter to make it easier, so you would have the border line.


Cross stitch the light grey for inside of the ears, the tummy and also tail. Cross stitch the eye with brown. Last back stitch with white. Hint: back stitch also the eye to make it clearer.


Cross stitch red flowers around. Back stitch the green leaves. Remember to make it on left and right. For the flowers i cross stitch from right top to the right bottom, also do the same for the left side. Then back stitch with green for the right side.


Do the same for the left side then the cross stitch part is finished.


Handsewing Part

Cut the pattern on a piece of unused paper with scissors. Pin the pattern on the fabrics (all of the fabric i used here), one by one, cut them out. Hint: be careful when you cut the cross stitch fabric, make sure that the bunny a bit down from the top of it. Remember that we want to make the drawstring bag here.


For the front part, join the cross stitch fabric with a thin fabric with a sewing but fold the top part first. I used red thread for this part, used two strains. Hint: i used the straight pins to help me in handsewing it.


Also fold a bit for the thick fabric for the back. I also used red double thread here. Hint: first i used the maroon thread to help sew it. It is called the helper, next after i had finished sewing with red, i released it.


Join the front and back part together with double white thread. Hint: do the same method, maroon sewing as the helper and release after the white sewing finished.


Turn it upside then put the ribbon inside for the back and front part. After finished, make two bundles on left and right. Hint: used the pin for this. You could see it more clearly from the pictures below.


Voila, it's finished. Now you could use the bunny to put chocolate, candies or even easter egg.


Happy early easter!

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