Eating Delicious Indonesian Food for The Brunch

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Hello, friends especially foodies!
Today i would like to share our sunday brunch experience in a Central Javanese Indonesian Food restaurant which was located on Hasyim Ashari Street, Central Jakarta. Here how it looked like


They had a large non air conditionered dining area. The place they had was large and spacy. Oh yeah and at front they had a traditional barbeque equipment for their satay.


The menu they had


They had authentic chicken satay, chicken opor, roasted chicken/fish, garang asem and so on. All the menu here were delicious so you don't have to worry.

After ordered for around 15 minutes our brunch was delivered to our table. Here how it looked like


What we had were their roasted fish and also garang asem (chicken in sour soup).

The taste


Garang asem had spicy, sour and savory flavour. The chicken was soft. And it was sooo refreshing. You must try it!


The roasted fish had the sweet, savory and a bit spicy flavour. I added the spicy chilli paste and the spicy sweet soy sauce to made it tastier.

We paid 71,500 IDR or around 1.2 USD for our brunch.


I recommend this restaurant because they sold all delicious food
Sate Blora Ayam Kampung Asli
54A Hasyim Ashari street
Central Jakarta
open daily 11am-7pm (for dine in, but for delivery it would be until 9pm)

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