Eating Outside in the New Normal, What's the difference?

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Hello, friends especially foodies!

Today i took my mom who already bored eating at home in last 3 months, had our lunch in our favorite Indonesian restaurant which was located on 4th floor Pacific Place Mall, SCBD - South Jakarta. It was our first experience had our lunch outside. And actually here, since this 15th all malls and shopping centers can opened in the new normal which means they should operated in a bit shorter operational hours, also limiting their customers inside and also they should operated the health protocoles. Some of the health protocoles are all customers should wear masks, all stores should limited their customers inside, all of the shopkeepers should wear the face shield, mask and also hand gloves. In this mall and also all stores, they prepare us hand sanitizer so we could keep our hands clean while we were in this mall. This was not a large mall, not many customers and also a bit lux, so it's safe and all clean.

Now, let's take a look with the restaurant where we had our today's lunch.

Here how it looked like


You could see that outside they already put the stickers of footprint to show you should keep a distance when you were standing there to be seated.

All of the tables had the plastic between each other, which they cleaned up often and regularly. I saw how one of the waiter cleaned it properly.


The menu


What different now were they printed a new menu, only a large hardmenu not like usually, they had a quite thick book of it. Also they served some ready to eat dishes now, you could take it home and then processed it at home. They also had the 2 packages for two persons. Here you could now also scan barcode and reserved the table to keep social distancing, a new thing in this new normal era.

We ordered then also asked them to serve our lunch in single used box which they usually used to serve takeaway food, it would made us feel more safety, cause all of our eating equipments were all sterile, single used and clean. Even they said already washed it all with the dishwasher machine and hot water we still needed to make ourselves safety so we prefered this single used box and cutleries.

After ordered, a waiter sent to our table the condiments for personal and also the hand sanitizer spray which contained 90 percents of alcohol. They had a great service here, we only needed to wait around 15 minutes for our food came one by one.


Tempe mendoan came first then Indonesian chicken satay and also Soto Betawi.


Mom prayed before eating lunch like usually then we enjoyed our lunch. We ate the satay and soto with rice first then the tempe mendoan. Satay was fantastic, the chicken were so tasty with the delicious peanut sauce, it had savory and sweet taste.. Delicious! Also the chicken soto betawi tasted so good to with the savory flavour. The authentic of this soto was the soup made from coconut milk. Last we also enjoyed their tempeh mendoan with the savory taste and also the paste which made mainly from peanut and chilli. So it completed, savory a bit sweet and also hot.


The Price


For the lunch we paid only 110,000 IDR which included the sweet tea. And we also bought their lumpia and perkedel to take home, the price was 50,000 IDR. So all we paid 160,000 IDR or around 11.43 USD for the lunch and takeaway.


Of course we would come again and again here, one of the best Indonesian restaurant in Jakarta. It had totally great ambience with great food and great service. Five stars for all!

I invite you to try come here to of course
Kafe Betawi
4th floor
Pacific Place
SCBD, South Jakarta

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I miss eating outside.
It didn't happen from the time corona did hit us in our country.

It's nice to see that you're outside eating in a restaurant.
Stay Safe, my friend.

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