Finally Mom got Her Second Dosage Covid 19 Drive Thru Vaccination!

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Hello, friends!
I don't know how your government handle the spread of Covid 19 in your country, but here in Indonesia, one of the government's way to handle it is by giving free vaccination for the citizens, and the priority for this time is for elderly people.

For information, mom already got her first vaccination on March 20th, 2021. And the government sent us the message, to inform about the schedule for second dosage. Like below, they also sent mom the link to download to get the certificate.


After that i used to use the same way to book the second dosage via online application, easy cause i already booked for her 1st dosage. And the result like below


So yesterday i accompanied mom to get her second dosage of vaccine at the same place when mom had had her 1st dosage. Here was the gate

We are allowed to enter after the officer check our proof of the registration from the application. They gave us a barcode and also a form to be fullfilled with mom's biodata. Below the biodata was the screening form which would be fullfilled by the doctor then.

Here was the barcode and the second pict was the screening form.


The different thing with before, yesterday was totally crowded and no one is allowed to get off from the car. So it was totally 100% drive thru. Here was the situation around


Here was the situation near the drive thru vaccination station. They had 4 stations for this vaccination.


When we were going through it, a nurse checked mom's blood pressure and also her body temperature. Then she closed mom's door next we went to the doctor. Her job was doing screening with mom's health and condition. Last, the vaccination by the doctor.


Mom said it didn't hurt her. It even felt better than the first one. Great that she didn't feel any bad effect until 30 minutes after the vaccination and also until now, she is healthy. And great thing is finally she got her 2nd dosage covid-19 vaccine, hope it would help minimize her from getting covid-19 virus. Always stay healthy, Mom!

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Great to get vaccinated for the 2 time


welcome dear,,I'm yet to have my 2nd dose