Friday Nite Cheesy Snack

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Hello, friends especially foodies!
Last Friday after had had our super tasty dinner, we went to the supermarket and before going home we went to a restaurant cause i had had seen the smile fries banner on their front before had had our tasty dinner.

Here was the restaurant where we had the snack.


They had a quite large dining area with the limitation of customer numbers.

Mom took the chair and waiting on the table, while me, i ordered and paid for our snack on the cashier table. Here was some menus they had.


The cashier said we needed to wait if we ordered the chicken but lucky me, i craved for potato that night. After ordered and paid, i took the special drink to our table.The cashier would deliver the potato after 5 minutes.

Here what we had for the snack


The special drink, iced fruitarian tea and the cheesy pom pom potato.

The taste

The Fruitarian Iced Tea


i love the freshness and sweet fruit taste in tea.This is a must try drink here.

The pom pom potato


It served with cheese sauce. The pom pom had savory soft inside and crunchy outside. Some how it reminded me of mini combro haha, cause it was different from other pom pom. They made it totally different, it thought they had to change its' name :) pom pom was not proper.

The Price


It was 28,000 IDR but if you paid with a platform of payment like i did, you could get 6,000 IDR cashback coin so it was 22,000 IDR or around 1.5 USD.

So wanna try cheesy unique pom pom and fruitarian iced tea too?
1st floor Gajah Mada Plaza
Central Jakarta
open daily 11am-9pm

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