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Hello, Friends!

Last afternoon, Mom picked me up after I had got off work cause we would like to go to the nearest plaza, Gajah Mada Plaza to do a little shopping before all of the shopping centers would be closed by the government due to the Covid-19 spread. Maybe you already read the news that in my country recently there has been siqnificantly increasement of the positive case of the Covid-19, newest delta variance. So the government would closed all of the shopping centers here for a period of July 3rd until July 20th 2021, besides closing the shopping center, public places like parks, museum, and any others would also closed. We wouldn’be able to dine outside too during that period. This period called PPKM darurat (emergency public activity restriction).

When we came there weren’t many customers there, we straightly went to the 4th floor cause I needed to buy some photo frames for my cross stitch work. So we came to the place where we could find many cute affordable things. Here was the store


This store had a lot of things, from socks, sleeping sandals, totebag, pouch, plastic organizers and many other things.


We walked through the stationary racks and looked what they had! Cute note book on sale… But if the price was correct. So we checked in the price check machine.


Woah they weren’t kidding about the price. It was really cheap. I would buy one for me, if you remember, in one of my article I had written about my notes book in the office would be full in a short time then it would be a better replacement than the thin ones I had bought in the other store. So, I decided to buy it.


After that we asked to the staff there, to find the frame racks. Right there we chose which one to buy. I picked one for myself and one for a present (I had a plan to make a cross stitch for next month to be given as a birthday gift). We picked what we wanted then…


We went to the cashier to pay. And it was only 41,500 IDR plus I used a platform of payment which gave me 6,000 IDR coin cashback. So it was only 35,500 IDR or around 2 USD something, really cheap. And my note book was in a big discount. The original price was 45K IDR and it was only 11K IDR now... How cheap!



After finished there, we only went to the supermarket which were more crowded than the 1st store. Some customers bought for the preparation of the next PPKM Darurat (emergency public activity restriction). We also bought some of our daily needs here too. Look there was a man who put down the mask, really underestimated what covid could do to his life.


And here what i bought from the first store: the note book and also the frames. I opened the book, isn't it cute?


Anyway, I hope PPKM Darurat would work well and would help to decrease the number of covid-19 cases in my country and I hope that the pandemic would over soon, in the whole world.

Stay healthy my friends! Take care...

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