Little Mouse - easy fold how to

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Hello, friends!

Last night I made this cute little mouse with my origami paper, for this mouse I used 16x16 cm size of Origami dan also for the eyes and whiskers, I used black permanent marker. Come and see how I made it.


First, I started in folding the paper into a triangle. Next open the fold then meet the left top and left bottom of the paper to the line I made from the first step. Then, fold the right part, also fold to the middle line. After that, fold the center part to make a triangle.


Then do the same for the top middle part. Fold the left part behind. Then fold it again to the back into a triangle (the back part would also be 2 triangles from top and bottom. After that, fold to the middle line and fold a bit for the ears like below.


Last part would be the tail. First fold to the bottom then fold bottom part to center. And next, you need to draw the nose, eyes and whiskers with the marker. And voila, the little mouse is now yours.

Hope you love it. See you again on my next article!

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