Super Tasty Beef Rib Soup!

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Hello, friends especially foodies!
Today i would like to share about our super tasty early dinner yesterday. The restaurant where we had our dinner was located on 2nd floor Gajah Mada Plaza, Central Jakarta.

The Outlook

Here how the restaurant looked like


When we came there, only there were some customer there, it was a fasting month for the Moslem, so they had to wait until the time to be ables to eat. While us, we would like to have an early dinner because it would be totally crowded when it was the time to open their fast. But when we were there, as our guess, many customers came. The restaurant also had a good ambience too with wood dominated interior.


The menu


They had indonesian food here, their speciality was rib, you could choose with spicy chilli paste or in soup.

We then ordered, but the waitress said the ribs would be ready in around an hour, it would be ready at around 6pm. But luckily it was delivered faster, only around 20 minutes of waiting and when mom asked the waitress she said that they took the ribs from another branch.

The Food

Here was our dinner


Both of us chose the same package, it included beef rib soup, rice and a glass of sweet tea.

The Taste



The rib soup was so tasty. It had savory and the broth was sooo beefy. It made from the real beef meat so you could imagine how tasty it was. It also had some fat with bring extra tasty flavour. You could also brought the lime pressed and also super spicy chilli paste. The chilli paste was spicy, i give you a warning if you don't like the spicy flavour, don't try it. Both mom and i only put a little of it to our soup. We really enjoyed our soup because it was so tasty.

The Price


For our dinner we paid 99,999 IDR or around 6.88 USD. Affordable for that too tasty ribs!

Come and try tasty ribs here too!
Warung Tekko
2nd Floor
Gajah Mada Plaza
Central Jakarta
open daily 11am-9pm

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