The Bunny (Le Lapin) - easy fold how to

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Hello, friends!
Easter is nearby so why don't we start to make the decoration. This bunny won't take much time to make and the result won't dissapointed you. So why don't just start to fold now?

Materials and things you will need were a 12x12 cm origami paper or cut a colour paper like me, a ruler, a pencil, scissors and a black marker.

How to make it:
First, i measured the blue colour paper into 10x10cm of a square, cut it off. Then fold it in the middle then meet the top and bottom part, release. And do the same for the vertical side, meet them in the center. Then, fold the top part to the middle so they made two triangles. Release then fold to the middle like below.


Do the same for the other part of paper. Then turn it. Fold two sides of left part, meet them in the middle. Then fold it again to the right. Meet them in the middle part and fold.


That would be the head part, for the back part, fold again up. Then open and fold it under the bunny. Voila it's finished.


You could add the two eyes with black marker like i did. And i also made one with origami paper. Now, they're ready.


Happy early easter!

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