Wanna Tried Tasty Fried Sushi Roll?

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Hello, friends especially foodies!

Yesterday, i craved for sushi rolls and also tempura so i took mom to have dinner outside to a japanese restaurant which was located on 2th floor Harmonie Exchange, Central Jakarta.

Here how it looked like


It had a quite large dining area inside. Inside was also clean and neat. The waitress greeted us and let us to take our seats. Some customers were there and the restaurant was not crowded, a nice place to have a quiet dine in.


Their menu


They had many japanese dishes, includes sushi, don, teppan, tempura and many more. But unfortunately when i wanted to order tempura, they didn't have it yesterday :'. So on the weekend i would hunt tempura then...

After had ordered and waiting at around 15 minutes my sushi roll came and also mom's beef teppan with rice. Here how our dinner looked like


The taste


Mine was their beef teriyaki sushi roll, they called it one of their hip roll which means it was fried. I couldn't imagine how they made it. Inside there was beef teriyaki and nori plus the mayonaise, japanese teriyaki sauce and fish roe on the top. It had sweet dominated flavour, with a bit savory flavour. It had glazy surface on the outside. So tasty! I added the savory soy sauce in it to bring more savory flavour.


Mom's was their chef recommendation, beef teppanyaki with rice. It had sweet savory and spicy from the pepper they used to cook it. It also served with some vegetables and tofu. Also delicious, but not the best we ever tasted..

When i had my dinner, i saw that when we had ordered main dish with more than 25,000 IDR price, we could order one from three kind of their snacks with only paid 8,000 IDR so i order their chicken karaage.


It had savory flavour with chicken in it. It had crispy skin and also served hot.

The Price


For the dinner we had with a free flow ocha, we paid 123,585 IDR but i had bought a voucher in a platform of payment with only 1 IDR to get 12k IDR off in this restaurant, so it was 111,586 IDR altogether or around 7.66 USD.

So wanna try these fried sushi rolls too?
Ichiban Sushi
2nd floor
Harmonie Exchange
6th, Hayam wuruk VI street
Central Jakarta
open daily 11am-9pm

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