Wanna try our healthy chicken soup?

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Hello, friends especially foodies!

Last week when I have a public holiday, after our lunch mom and I felt a bit hungry again in the afternoon so we decided to order a healthy food, that day we ordered the Chinese herbal steamed chicken soup from a famous steamed rice restaurant here. The food came around 20 minutes after I had ordered it, and here how it looked like

The Food


What make it special?

First it had some medicine, the red one I usually called it kiche (but I dunno its’ real name), mom said it is good for eyes. Next they had the lotus seed and also another Chinese herbal medicine which would make us healthier, and improve our immunity.

Next, it made from ayam kampong or you could said it kampong chicken, it is a pure chicken breeding from South East Asia which still breed in traditional style in villages. These chicken usually smaller than the broiler one but it is richer in nutrition and the meat was tastier, even their eggs were tastier and also rich in nutrition.

The Taste & Flavour


The Chinese Herbal Steamed Chicken Soup had a perfect flavour and taste. Tasty in savory flavour in clear soup with the good aroma of the Chinese medicine plus chicken made me hungry and mouthwatering. It was so delicious with soft tasty kampong chicken. And it is also healthy. So all of you also need to try this soup. I love the kiche and ate them all. It had soft a bit chewy texture.

The Price


The original price was 78,000 IDR but I got an offer to get this 74,000 IDR and it was delivered to my door (the delivery fee was included) so it was just around 5 USD for this tasty healthy chicken soup.

So wanna try our tasty Chinese Herbal Steamed Chicken Soup too?

Business Information

Warung Nasi Tim Baru
38E Mangga Besar raya Street
West Jakarta
Open daily 10am-5pm

now only available for delivery or take away

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