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What do you guys think when you see Doge skyrocket to the moon. I was stressed by this doge. Back in 2017 I saved up to 1,000,000 doges and now he cuts them down I can't enjoy the results. really crazy, I don't know how I can only see him fly so far.

since the arrival of Elon Musk, the meme about the doge is getting crazy, the price has increased many times over. I didn't imagine a doge would be like this even in the slightest inconceivable. maybe my dream of only up to 0.05 $ is amazing for a doge price. but now he flew up to 0.27 $ which is really the thing that I did not imagine.

It's my very bad experience that if I left at least 500,000 doges alone I might have gotten the sweetness of this doge. back in 2017 the price of Doge was only $ 0.0002. even these coins we can get for such a cheap price but almost 5 years later he really stressed me out seeing Doge. maybe I will be more patient to save a small coin that will have big potential in a few yearskedepan. sekarang hampir semua koin yang dulu nilainya sangat kecil sudah meroket berlipat-lipat dari tahun sebelumnya.

keep your coins even though now the price is small, but in the next few years it will double the price. Good luck

thanks support

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