Hey, ya all @justinunsteemit's proponents, are you OK with this?steemCreated with Sketch.

in hive-148441 •  2 years ago  (edited)

It was supposed to be a normal Sunday evening...

What I had in mind was to "honor" the "Showcase Sunday" initiative. That was before I saw @ausbitbank's post.

Hey, ya all @justinunsteemit's proponents, are you OK with this?

20200315 20_16_59SteemWorld ~ misterdelegation.png

Almost all delegations have been pulled back.

@tasteem from 1 mill SP previously ---> Down to 50SP.

@steemhunt from 1 mill SP previously ---> Down to 300K SP.

@steemcleaners from 1.6 mill SP ---> Down to 100SP.

@spaminator from 2.8 mill SP ---Down to 100SP.

@oracle-d from 2 mill SP ---> Down to 50K SP.

@fundition from 1mill SP ---> Down to 100 SP.

@esteemapp from 500K SP ---> Down to 20K SP.

@dtube from 2 mill SP ---> Down to 200K SP.

@busy.pay from 500K SP ---> Down to 100SP.

@justyy from 0 SP ---------> UP to 500K SP. (Why the fuck an individual...a simple user, received such a big delegation?)

Furthermore, have you upgraded your server to run version 22.5? PERFECT! Most likely the next few hours you are about to climb the witness ladder using the elevator (Justin's vote) while everyone else is climbing with bare hands.

20200315 20_38_09SteemWorld ~ dev365.png

20200315 20_38_40SteemWorld ~ hkdev404.png

Sorry Tim...

Isn't it obvious what he's trying to do?

Replace those 20 sock puppets with "real" users...

Maybe he realized how irresponsible and dangerous at the same time is to run all witnesses from a single server.

Judging by the fact that he has absolutely no idea what Busy.org...or Steemhunt or Oracle-d is, I have a feeling that @ned or @elipowell simply back-stubbed those apps. Nice job guys.

So, is everyone happy now? There is not a single tool left to fight abuse and plagiarism around here.

Those apps you just pulled the delegations back from won't even be able to CLAIM STEEM ACCOUNTS ffs.

Mass adoption ya said? Next question plz...

And you want us to believe that you want collaboration with the community and your vision is to help Steem thrive?

You are murdering Steem every single day.

@proxy.token could we have your comment here? Are all Koreans who have proxied their voting rights to you OK with how things play out?

Note that the rewards pool balance has just been altered...

Note2 Expect him to start voting / downvoting content any time soon...

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Bribing the few fools that are willing to suck his dick is what Justin is doing. Kinda sad. Remember if justyy starts upvoting himself with his free stake, we all have free downvotes to use.

Nah he won't...

He'll use it as a messiah would do...his 10% vote on this particular post is...laughable(?) Maybe he felt bad because they removed Dtube's dele and gave it to him...


For real...

Hey... You just jelly.. @justyy is much more important to Steem then @dtube. lol

Definitely bro!

good to see the new witness getting down to business



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This is F_cking scaring me!!!
Holy sh!t!!!

It's scary as fuck actually...

What a crazy roller coaster! O.o'

Beyond crazy..

I really wonder what the idea behind @justyy's delegation is though. He's still voting for the community witnesses, his witness node is not running v0.22.5, and he supported the v0.22.2 soft-fork as shown in @ausbitbank's post. What is the benefit for @justinsunsteemit here?

If bribing is the goal, then I'm pretty sure there are easier targets. He might not be an angel, but to me it very much looks like @justyy is not on @justinsunsteemit's side here...

Plus the guy is voting for our witnesses.

I don't understand why they are still talking about negotiations with justin. Aren't they in the top, 10 wotnesses already ? Can't they change anything at all ? How many we need in the top for a hard fork ?

17 out of top 20.

Atm nobody can HF the chain

I understand now. I learned that today that even for the soft fork we need 17. Please confirm that.

To execute a HF one needs the supermajority—->17+ of the top 20

To execute a SF one needs majority—-> 11+ of the top 20

So we need only one for a soft fork. I think they should do it again because negitiation don't work with that guy.

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