Less than 18 hours from now and...counting...We can learn from our mistakes...

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I don't really think that there is a single Steemian who could even think of the possibility that things will play out so bad for Steem a couple of months ago...a.k.a before @justinsunsteemit acquired Steemit.Inc.

So we got to a point where censorship doesn't seem like a big of a deal for Steemit.Inc's new leader eh?

This is the very beginning of the "content that doesn't comply to my tastes and restrictions will not be displayed on Steemit.com and will be buried into the depths of the chain" mentality...

Maybe I should have participated in @theycallmedan's initiative after all. Because this is exactly what decentralization means to me. The fact that a single entity can't decide what is right and wrong...what is true and what is not...what should be displayed on the front end of the site that they've recently acquired and plan to promote to the masses...and what shouldn't be...

This is censorship. Downvoting one's content for whatever reason (disagreement on rewards / abuse etc) isn't. Do you get it now Korean community? NO? Oh, you will...maybe next time, when another hot-topic that will be discussed among those who will be left behind on Steem goes...invisible again.

Who knows...today it was HIVE...tomorrow it might be your food blog...

But we are moving forward, right?

So these are a couple of things I would like to see on HIVE if we want it to be a successful experiment.

  • More content being produced.

  • More content consumers.

  • More support to content creators by all of us regardless of the size of our wallets.

  • More engagement.

  • Even stronger bonds being built among existing community members and future users.

  • Being vocal and promoting HIVE on other social media platforms with the same passion we used to defend Steem up until now.

  • Maybe less automation could end up being a good thing as well...


We can learn form our mistakes on Steem and build HIVE in a way that will be a really attractive destination for average people to express themselves and for entrepreneurs to build and promote their businesses.

Will it be like a walk in the park?

More likely like a walk through hell, but I am sure that we can make it. Starting all over again isn't really easy but we do have a head-start over similar projects that pop up left and right.

And that is a dope community consisted of hardcore members who enjoy being free, plus a ton of already pretty well developed apps that will migrate to the new chain.

If we manage to get the new token listed on some big exchanges too, I see no reason why we can't dream BIG this time...

In less than 18 hours from now we are about to make history....

How will it play out?

It's up to us...

As I've said before I don't plan to help Steem die nor I intend to sell my coins. Quite the opposite actually...

Deep down I want Steem to thrive. I am attached with this place, regardless if 95%+ of my contributions will be on HIVE from now on.

Have good on peeps...and make sure you are armed with patience, and passion!

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@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/25 - need recharge?)

As I've said before I don't plan to help Steem die nor I intend to sell my coins. Quite the opposite actually...

I have similar thinking about this... When JS gets bored, he will dump Steemit... It's just a matter of time...

You can lose a battle, but win the war at the end... ;)

Thanks for a great and motivational post @mindtrap, yes let's learn from our mistakes and make Hive the place we wanted Steem to be, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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See ya tomorrow :D I hope some of our wishes come true <3

I do hope that they come true. I’ll do my part 😎😍💪🏻

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