Probably for the first time ever, people gave zero fucks about their investment in time, effort and money and chose the decentralized path.

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Not so long ago, a lot, and when I say a lot I mean a loooot of people who have now gone full HIVE, used to spend a big part of their day on Steem.

Some of them are developers that kept coding so that transactions are much safer for users. (like Keychain)

Others kept building censorship resistant apps (like threespeak) that make everyone's journey a lot more pleasant.

Others simply kept enjoying what all people above had already built...

While others did everything in their power to promote Steem via other social media platforms, one of which is Twitter

All together...a living ecosystem.

Thankfully almost everyone mentioned above has now migrated to HIVE.

Speaking of promotion...

A year or so ago, I was locked out of my Twitter account. I had a decent number of followers and I was following people that were posting interesting stuff. Nothing crypto related tho...Besides, crypto was not a part of my life back then.

So I had to make a new Twitter account and start all over again.

But this time it was different. You see this time, the only reason I use my new Twitter account is to either read everything that is happening in the crypto sphere or to shill projects that I am a big fan of.

Till a few weeks ago, it was Steem.

That was before Justin came in like a bulldoze and ruin everything people have been building for the past 4 years or so...

Ever since HIVE went live it's all about HIVE. The rest of the projects I am invested in don't need shilling....but HIVE does.

But that's not because I am "invested" in HIVE, even if my / our stake is a result of an airdrop, but because I truly believe that via HIVE we can achieve all those things that we wish we had the chance to fulfill while being on Steem...but was left undone.

That being said, it is really important to promote HIVE on Twitter.

You are highly mistaken if you think as if by a miracle people will find out about HIVE and that we should sit back and simply wait...

Just to give you an idea...this is a screenshot from my Twitter analytics...and I have a feeling that yours should also look like that...

20200322 22_00_49Twitter Analytics account overview for mindtrap11.png

We should flood the internet with HIVE related posts...because apparently people DO read what we have to say.

We should let them know all the great things they can enjoy if they become part of the HIVE family...

Probably for the first time ever, people gave zero fucks about their investment in time, effort and money and chose the decentralized path.

And we have to make sure that everyone on Twitter has read our story...

Steem is ancient history...Long live HIVE!


Have a good one people.

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Steem met a quick ending it seems.

All those that I know are on here.

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