Well well...looks like Binance is about to list HIVE as well(?)

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There is no doubt that the HIVE community has made some serious noise on Twitter.

People know about us.

They can't ignore us anymore. And that's because we are a pain in the ass...

I don't really think that I have to remind you all the shit the Steem community has been through those past 4 years.

Many of you were there...so you know what I am talking about.

The final straw for Steem, decentralization and our Steem dreams was when Binance and Huobi, 2 of the biggest and most reputable exchanges till that very moment decided to interfere in Steem's governace.

Long story short the last few days HIVE has found great support and some listings that came pretty fast. Bittrex is obviously the big name here but don't underestimate probit too, which btw has a HIVE/USDT pair as well.

20200324 21_40_14Hive HIVE price, marketcap, chart, and info _ CoinGecko.png

Nice HIVE pump the last 15 minutes eh?...sweet

Cut to the chase

I was digging on Binance and guess what I stumbled upon....

20200324 20_54_59Balance  Wallet  Binance.png

Does it look familiar? I am sure it does...

Ya, it's HIVE. I am pretty sure that what you see right there wasn't to support the HIVE airdrop because it wasn't there yesterday...

Is CZ looking for redemption?

Or he simply realized that HIVE is the next big thing?

He's is a businessman after all, regardless if he is one of the most hatred entities in our community...

I haven't seen an official announcement on Twitter yet but I wouldn't be surprised if one popped up the next few hours...


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Would be awesome if Binance does list Hive soon!

It is cool Coingecko post the technical analysis from TradingView!

The battle for supremacy has just begun! Let the best blockchain community win! The USA China trade war has occurred on the steem blockchain! China almost won but its still stalemate in price! May be after covid19 saga we will see the clear picture

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Although... why use Binance after what happened? Best to go with Bittrex IMHO...