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Hello Splinterland warriors!

Hope you will be blessed mistakenly i just hit the enter button and it got posted without :D writing the stuff but i am here to edit this post and write about a legendary monster that i have got today from my untamed pack opening.


Kron the Undying is the undisputed leader of the Centauri people of Anumün. Hundreds of years ago, he discovered a great secret which allowed him to defy death as generations passed before him. He ocassionally keeps the company of the Spirit of the Forest herself, and he has picked up some impressive skills of magic through his long life. Kron is aware of the truth of Dark Energy

Well so let me talk about this monster which is a great legendary monster that belongs to earth's family and has great abilities like healing, divine shield, and last standability. Seriously i am happy about this card that i don't have before but finally got it from a single untamed pack that i got from completing daily quest. i like this card just because of it's powerful magic attack and healing ability that can give you more winning chances and it is a great choice to use this card in high mana battles.

Quest Rewards


Today's the 2nd day of the new season so everyone is battling to achieve higher rank from start like most high-level players with their upgraded decks so today i lose lots of battle during quest but finally, i just completed the quest and got some rewards including one untamed pack and some dark energy crystal tokens

Untamed pack opening


So here you can see Kron the undying beast that i got from this pack and also got some rare cards like death elemental and spark pixies.

Thanks For visiting my Blog

Best Regards @moeenali

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