Our Life When the Pandemic Covid-19 (Part 1)

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Hello My Fans ...

After the lifting of the curfew limit, the community returns to their normal activities. If the previous curfew restriction is only allowed to do activities until 8 pm.

However, after the lifting of the curfew limit was canceled. Residents have carried out activities as usual.

As can be seen in the following video that I took in a fairly cautious manner - the cellphone so that it would not be seen by others the activities that I did.

Especially by visitors in a cafe. As seen in the video even though the activity returned to normal.

But the community still obeys some government regulations such as restrictions on social distance or what is called social distancing or social distance.

See also a few seats that are not crowded by visitors at this cafe.

In contrast to the previous days the covid-19 pandemic occurred at the beginning of 2020, which was still busy with buyers making coffee transactions, eating available food and also holding meetings.


After covid-19 happened, life changed so fast. pandemic 19 or Corona virus that attacks Indonesian territory makes us alert.

There are those who choose It is better to stay at home even though the activity continues normally. Because in our area we have not completely locked down.

It's just that the government has limited some activities that cannot be carried out by its citizens.

This video was intentionally uploaded to illustrate to the world how we are now.

We are still living normally even in the midst of a 19-coronavirus outbreak of conflicting prevention and public joke plays.

We hope that this virus will soon be over soon. Therefore we strive to carry out social restrictions then also carry on living as usual to make ends meet under the pressure of covid-19 and government policy.

Our advice is to stay at home if there is no urgent need, live a healthy lifestyle, wash hands using hand sanitizer soap, avoid large crowds, wear masks, obey pro-people rules and have an impact to break the covid-19 chain. We believe that we can jointly fight this disaster. Maintain your health.

Look forward to my review video of what is happening in our area. I have saved it in a file but found it difficult to upload via my cellphone. There is governance in 3Speak that has changed slightly from before. Please be patient.

Take care of your health, let's protect, advise, and pray for all of us. See you in the next video.

This video was taken live a few minutes ago, because that is what is currently available in the upload feature in 3 Speak.

Link my video : https://3speak.online/watch?v=ponpase/dvedwium

Thank you,

Aceh, March 11, 2020


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