" Аптека " - Things you should know about Kharkov, Ukraine if you are planning to visit here...

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The meaning of word Аптека (Apteka) is known as Pharmacy which we also call the medical store or pharmacy store. I was very confused between the word Аптека and Аттека, both are so similar especially for foreigners like and hard to understand if you have no idea about it. When I first came here, I became sick because of the weather and didn't know what to do. In fact, I had no idea about the pharmacy shop as I have mentioned I was confused between two words. So, the first thing I learn and pronounce in Russian was Аптека and I think it's very important for the foreigners to know about it. You don't know what will happen while traveling and when you are in an unknown place, you need to know some basic words for life.

I personally think, it good to gather some knowledge about basic needs especially pharmacy, medical stores, and superstores or Magazines (small Shops). It will be easier for you to survive in a country where you don't know anything about it.



My last few days were intense and I have made pharmacy store my second home. I have visited there almost every day for medicines. Well, I never visited Pharmacy for a while before Covid19. When I came to know about Covid19, the first thing I did was went to the Pharmacy and bought all necessary antibacterial stuff because superstores were almost empty and I needed mask for myself. Today, I also went to the Pharmacy to buy some antibacterial tissues and pee pads for Gigi and my medicines...

That's why I said it's my second home now... LOL

If you don't understand the word, it's okay. You will easily find the shop by seeing that cross mark. Almost every area has pharmacy shop either near the metro station or near the superstore.



Some pharmacy is open for 24 hours so for any emergency, you will find a pharmacy open for you. There are almost 3 pharmacies in my area, among them one is open for 24 hours.

This is the nearest pharmacy shop from my home, others are a little bit far away. Due to covid19, you can't enter the shop without a mask. Also, you have to wait in the queue, because right now only 3 people allowed at a time.




The interior of this local pharmacy shop is very normal but most of the medicines are available except a few. For certain types of medicines, you have to go to the large pharmacy.


Well, after buying my things, I went back to my home as I needed to take those medicines. Anyway, I know this might be not a very useful post for some plus this is a basic post but I personally feel this is informative especially for foreigners.

Learning new things about a country is not a bad idea, moreover, you don't know when this little information will save someone's life...




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