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A few days ago I have written a post about How to love yourself More... Do I love myself !!!
where I talked about focusing on myself and "love myself". Basically, it was about to focus on individuals and give priorities to more on ourselves rather than focusing on others.

The last few days were insane and I am working on myself basically I am in search of inner peace. My level of stress was insane and I was unable to control that. I felt like someone is forcing me to burn my soul and I felt the heat inside me. My soul was screaming for peace and wanted to be free as there was too much ongoing. Later, I decided to leave everything for a while to avoid a toxic environment. Yes, I call it toxic because somehow I felt slowly my blood turned into toxic blood.

I know I do have choices and I have to find myself again because it is lost somehow. I need to find my real picture and also have to rebuild my mindset on how I wanna see myself exactly. As I have mentioned I do have choices, so either I have to focus on my weaknesses or I have to focus on my strengths. But, if I focus on my weakness I might not be able to move forward so easily and somehow my weakness will push me into darkness more.

It's like the more I will think about my weakness, the more I will be frustrated and perhaps I will lose my life tracks forever but if I start to emphasize my best self or strength, many doors will be open for me for sure.


It’s easy to focus on what’s wrong and what I don’t like about myself. If I start calculating, I will end up with a long list of my weaknesses. I admit sometimes I am more focused on my weaknesses and inability rather than thinking about my strength. I think when we are in a certain situation we just go with the flow and when we see obstacles, we just forget to focus on our own strength.

Focusing on strength is not only recognizing individual strengths but also because of identifying the strengths, it will be really easy to solve many problems.

I cannot succeed when I am focused on my short-comings and berating myself for mistakes.

I am not here for the short term and I have to change my mind so that I can focus on long term visions. If I focus on my strengths, I will be able to empower myself and also will be able to motivate myself. Not only I have to identify my strengths but also I have to use them on my way of life.


Now the point is how can I identify my strength? I think to get my answer, I have to ask myself a few questions. In fact, if you want to identify your strength, you have to ask yourselves some questions. For example :

  • What type of activities do you enjoy?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What activities or roles do you feel you are good at?
  • What is the last positive feedback you got so far?

Also, there are many terms that should be focused on. For example, some are good at doing comedy, some have a good sense of humor. Someone is very creative and someone is independent and honest...

I am not going to ignore my weaknesses but I just need to focus on my strength and divert myself from the world of negativity. I just need to be more cautious so that my weakness doesn't get a chance to overwhelmed my strength and doesn't get a chance to create a blockage on my life journey...


This is it for today, see you on my next post...

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I definitely identify with you and your words. Sometimes we forget to love ourselves, only then can we love others and receive love.
Our weaknesses are part of us, it is not the whole, but it is not there that we must focus, our strengths are what will help us achieve what we want.

Yes absolutely, we always focus on our weakness and always think about it and become frustrated. But I think every human has something unique inside them and they just need to explore it... Thanks for stopping by...

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