Navigating Stress into one small step

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A lot of stresses are around us right now whether you want to agree or not. Because of the pandemic situation, our current life has become uncertain and it became a regular challenge. We are dealing with uncertainty and crisis accordingly and we are trying to overcome our situations every day. I can't imagine how people are dealing with current life those who are affected by COVID19. Not only people are dealing with the Virus but also people are dealing with the financial crisis and unemployed life.

I have seen many small businesses already shut down, workers are unemployed, factories shut down and stopped productions, and many more. The economy collapsed in many developing countries and there is nothing we can do right now. It will take time to rebuild the system again...


I had a lot of plan for this year, at the beginning of 2020, I had made some plans for this year. I wanted to go to Europe and some parts of Ukraine because I wanted to explore Ukraine. I couldn't explore Ukraine before because there were some issues and I was a student, so I was busy with study... So, this year was the perfect time for me. I invited my family to come here to stay with me for a while. Last time they came here for just 10 days.

Also, my boyfriend is still stuck in UAE because the airport is still closed and he can't come here now. When will he gonna come? That's a question for me...

Anyway, job life, personal life, plans, financial structure all ruined and now I am not only in stress but also every day I think what is next...

So, how to deal with stress?

I can't remove my stress level but I can reduce it and that's what I am doing...

“It is common to resort to unhealthy, negative coping behaviors and thought patterns in times of stress, change, and adversity…”

Our inner strength, thoughts, energy always decrease because of stress. So what can be the solutions? To reduce my thinking and stress level, first I started to work on my stress level. I tried to understand which things, situations are making me stressed. Because of lack of sleep, isolated life, worst-cases scenario, my stress level increased and I was seeing the change inside me. I became more emotional and overwhelmed but it's okay... Life is not a bed of roses and bad times are part of life...

But I started taking some steps for myself...

  • I started to go to bed early so that I can wake up early and start a fresh day.
  • I started walking for a minimum of 40 minutes and explore around.
  • Taking care of my skin and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is helping me a lot. (self-care)
  • I spend more time doing something which keeps me busy.
  • I spend more time watching comedy videos or reality shows for entertainment.
  • I have mentioned before that I live a budget life so, at the end of the day, I do some calculations and get ready for the next day...
  • I don't take any medicines, instead, I started doing some meditation. I am not good at it but I am learning from Youtube.
  • I am trying to calm down, moreover, I decided to give my brain rest...


Whenever I go out for a walk, I avoid crowded areas and try to find such places where I can see nature. I noticed that if I divert myself into exploring natural elements, my stress level reduces a lot.

I don't know the steps I am following now will help or not... But a little bit of help will be worthwhile, I personally feel...

I always say to myself, that I am not alone, many people are dealing with their life and some people's condition is much more worst than me...

This is it for today, see you on my next post...


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Loved this article!
In times like these, it's vital to take a day at a time, even if sometimes it gets really tough.
I've published an article yesterday about how mindfulness can also help us overcome negative aspects, take a look if you want to:

Thank you for sharing this! You put into words what I feel like I am going through trying to keep myself busy and not so focused on the negativity and anger around me and doing what I can for my health.

This new norm will in a more positive way empower us all to have that other set of life that saves more energy as compared to how thins were before the 'wave'.

On another note, maybe I'd too start some meditation. Thanks for sharing.

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