Oneday at Local Market - Peremoha ( Перемога) Local Market (Bazaar), Kharkov, Ukraine

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I don't prefer local markets nowadays because it's not safe at all. After COVID19, I often avoid crowded places and I feel that local open markets which we call actually bazaar are not safe for us. Anyway, I needed some home goodies as I am rearranging my home so I had to go to the nearest local market. This local market is known as Peremoha Bazaar which is located at Peremoha Avenue, Kharkiv, Ukraine. You can go there by metro easily but normally I go there by walking.

As I have mentioned before that I needed some kitchen goodies so I went to this local market. Basically, every type of home goodies are available there in fact if you need anything like gardening or carpentry stuff, you will find there. That's why it is known as Bazaar.



This is an open market and very popular among local Ukrainians because of fresh fruits and vegetables. All the goodies of this bazaar come directly from village and most of them are fresh. In fact, you can also buy freshwater fishes from here. Price is cheap than the superstores and every type of vegetables and fruits are available here. You can check the vegetables, fruits, you can pick up of your own and can buy them. Prices are all written there so you just have to purchase according to the measurement.



How I came to know about this Bazaar:

When I came here in Ukraine, I used to stay in a hostel, but I didn't stay there for a long time. My hostel was near this market and one day I saw it because I wanted to buy strawberries. Here, you won't find any frozen goodies, everything here is raw and fresh. This market is a morning market which means it opens at 8 am early morning and stays until 3 am. If you want fresh vegetables, you have to go there between 8 am to 10 am.



One thing I wanna mention here, that is you have to buy everything using cash, no electronic device, or no card payment system so it's quite an unsafe place, especially in this pandemic situation. But as you can see people still go there without using masks. You can also see different types of berries, apricots, and grapes are available.

Basically it's a good bazaar full of varieties of vegetables and fruits...


Also if you are planning to go to the beach, you can buy goodies for the beach day from here...



Anyway, I needed a good kitchen knife, jars, containers and other things from there that's why I had to go there basically. I took all types of safety measurements. I have purchased goodies from here before so that's why I knew from where I have to purchase things. If I wanted to purchase the same things from supermarkets, I had to pay more...

Anyway, this is it for today, see you next time with another new place of Kharkiv...




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