She is counting days || Short Story...

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" She is lying on her bed, her full body is in pain. She is bearing her pain for a very long time and now she is habituated. It was inside before and now it's unbearable, she is feeling like she is paralyzed, she can't move a single part of her body. Today is a nice day but not nice for her, she is unable to see the beautiful weather and now she is starring at the white roof imagining it as the sky.

It's not bad after all, at least she is trying to forget her pain though she is unable to stop her tears. Those are free according to her, her emotions which converted into tears. She is alone now, missing her friends. Her old age is consuming her body and she is weak now, not mentally but physically.


She was attractive, anyone had fallen in love with her beauty at first sight. Now her skin shrank, hairs became white, eyes became small, the body became weak. She lived a long nice life, she had everything and had a happy life indeed. So, she doesn't have any regret or complains about her life. But now she is completely alone, everyone left her, some died and some busy in their own life.

She is recalling her friends today, it was a golden time when she used to hang out with her friends. Some friends were selfish, some were there for happy moments and some were true friends. But they no longer belong into her life... Pathetic isn't it...


She is counting her days and ready for the last breathe. She can feel it, just like someone is continuously calling her. Every day she recalls her beautiful days and living her life in memories. "

"I guess before the last breath, each moment becomes crucial, people just wait for the day, looking at the clock, counting the time... Tik-Tok, tik-tok...I have never seen the death closely, I never felt it but maybe I did, I don't know how it looks like. Is it dark, is it scary!!!"

She is thinking..."

" She is counting days...Soon darkness will grasp her whole body including her soul... "



I never wrote a story, I just can't. This is the first time I am trying to write something fictional, something irrelevant. I am not a good storyteller or fictional writer, I guess I don't have that imaginary level to write something from my imagination.

This is the first time I tried to write something fictional, story. Well, I watch a lot of movies but let me tell you, I am unable to write a single line from my imagination. So on that note, my imagination power is completely zero.

I have seen many writers write fictional short stories but whenever I tried my stories never finished. Always they remain unfinished, no conclusion, no rhythms nothing. That's why I never considered myself a writer because I can't write. But I should focus on writing skills...

Anyway I will try to write more and develop my writing skill, let's see how it goes. Maybe one day I will become a storyteller...


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