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I did nothing today in fact I have spent all day outside, walked around, and explored different shops. I needed a break, I was bored and sad because I wanted to visit my family. Anyway, this is life and I have to adjust to it. Actually, if I start complaining I will not gain or will be able to achieve anything. It's just a waste of time and energy so I decided to go with the flow and enjoy my present.

Today's weather was nice, in fact it was perfect weather. Many people asked me how I spend my day alone? I guess I have compromised with the situation, this is the best and wise decision for now I guess.



While walking on the street, I suddenly saw these interesting pieces. There are different sizes of snow boots with different colors. Interesting fact is they were placed in front of the shop as decorative pieces. They also put some colored branches into those boots and they turned out into decorative stuff. Obviously these are the old boots, I find the entire idea kinda cute though I am not going to try this idea for now.

I have also seen many people use old boots as a planter box, the idea is unique and innovative as well. But to execute your idea, you need a proper plan and location otherwise it will be a fail idea instead...


Summer is the best time for kids, they just love summer. Because of increase amount of daylight, they get enough time to play. This is a play-zone for kids, most of the kids who play here are 3-4 years old. They scream, jump, and enjoy here a lot. Well, I am too old to explore this cage house :P

But this a really interesting space for kids. You just need to buy a ticket and let your kids to play inside.


Some of the businesses are not doing good because of this pandemic, 2 nearest superstores already shifted their store and stopped doing business in this area. These small shops are giving a discount to attract passerby and customers. Most of these offers are nice though it's not a wise idea to buy extra stuff for me.

So I continue walking...


On my way, I found this bush, actually, these are wither, wildflowers. I just capture it because I find it interesting. I am not going to say it's attractive but it caught my eyes.


Here is another one...More detailed picture...


Just look at the beautiful big vast blue sky, it was stunning. Black clouds were trying to cover white fluffy clouds but I guess they failed. It seems those skyscrapers were trying to touch the sky. These are residential building and that area is known as Peremoha. This is the end of the Kharkiv oblast zone and after this Kharkiv suburban village area starts.

The border of Russia is only 40 Km away from here...


I am planning to buy a smartphone for a very long time so I went to the nearest branded shop to check the current price of the phone. I normally buy my phone from a good store, I don't feel comfortable buying gadgets from random shops.

Anyway, after exploring everything, I went to the nearest park which is near to the street and sat a little bit. I took 20 minutes rest, enjoyed the weather, bought some household stuff, and returned home...

This was my Wednesday, not bad not good but I enjoyed it...





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