Your Hobby Helps You in Your Career...

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You guys are already familiar with the term "Hobby", regular activities that we love to do for enjoyment during leisure time. We don't expect any payment for that or we don't do it for money, we just love to do activities which give us pleasure and that is exactly a hobby is called.

Many research says that hobby helps you in your career, for example, if you like drawing, painting, or photography or love to make DIY stuffs, it will boost your creativity and creative skill. I always love to draw painting, drawing when I was a child and later I decided to be an architect because of my passion for drawing. On the other hand, I can say that my passion and attraction for drawing helped me to choose my career wisely. That's why I fall in love with architecture and was able to build my own creative world.

Many people love karate, bicycle riding which helps them to build their confidence. In fact, many people recommend puzzle game for children so that their level of intelligence grows and they can think critically or unique way. Basically, every step of life, a hobby helps, we just don't notice that. For example, throwing balls or playing a bow/ arrow or sewing can help children to develop their observation power.


“Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Remember one thing, hobbies don't decide what you want to be in life, but hobbies will help you to make your way of life easy. I have seen many people love sewing and they make pretty DIY stuff. Some love cooking and later they decided to convert their hobby into a profession. That's why we are familiar with chefs, painter, or player because they were very passionate about their Hobby.

In fact, I am going to write a recent real-life story. One of my friends recently started selling her artwork, she opened a small business. Well, she used to do a job in a multinational company but somehow due to the pandemic COVID situation, she lost her job. As she was at home, she wanted to use her time wisely and started doing painting again. She was good at it and later she opened a small business on Instagram and started selling her paintings online to earn some money...

Well, she is not a painter but her hobby is helping her in this COVID crisis and also she is earning a little bit of money for herself too. Recently, I have noticed a lot of small businesses like DIY products, candle businesses.

Now don't ask me what I am doing, I am not that kind of creative or productive person. I have ideas but I have fear too or I can say a lack of confidence to build or take a step for small business...


What is my hobby?? Hmm, I love drawing, I love photography... How they are helping me? I guess I have already explained it here...I personally think any kind of hobbies are helpful and that doesn't mean you have to convert your hobby into a career or use it on the way of earning money. I know some DIY, crafting, sewing, I know how to make baby's clothes...

Nowadays I just don't focus on these hobbies, whenever I get time, I just watch movies, listen to music or watch youtube videos...

Pursuing a hobby encourages us to achieve a work/life balance and can help us establish useful networks with potentially valuable contacts.

Well, you never know when your hobby will help you in your life, you just don't know when where your hobby, your skills will be helpful...


This is it for today, see you on my next post...

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You're absolutely right, hobbies are such important part of our daily lives. It allows us to keep connected with ourselves in the riot that life can be sometimes!
Thanks for your thoughts!