Buildings In The Financial District

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I was meeting a couple of friends for dinner at the financial district last week. This section of 'concrete jungle' in downtown Singapore awed me. Some of the buildings are quite futuristic looking and have been seen is dramas like 'West World'. To be fair, I heard that from a friend because I haven't watch 'West World' myself.

One also get the feeling of dwarfed and hemmed in by the buildings. It can be quite an uncomfortable feeling for some.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took that day. All the buildings have names. But I can't name any of them. I don't have any business in the financial district, and I have never hang out in the financial district. So, I really don't know any of the buildings except maybe one or two I saw and heard on the news.










At night the buildings take on a different look. Unfortunately, there is only so much a phone camera can do.


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Some very impressive sky scrapers, streets look busy as well

have a good day


The streets would have been a lot busier if not for the fact that a lot of people are working from home, due to the Covid-19.

Thank you!