Love, Respect and Care

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Do you think the color of our skin makes us different? Living in this era, if you still think like skill color decides who is good or who is bad, that's the worst thing ever.

We are human beings. No matter where you live and where you are from, we all have feelings. The color of our blood is red. Skill color can be different, but not the color of our blood that's under the skin.

We all love our loved ones. When someone does something bad to someone, he should remember that his loved one cares about him. If you are hurting a person, you are not only hurting him or her, you are hurting his family, friends, community, and everyone.

Let's be united. Spread the positive vibes. Respect, love, and care for others. We will see this world a much better place. I'm writing this inspired by watching this video. Let's watch the video.

Thank you so much for reading this. Please feel free to leave your comments. Take care!

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