Hurry back home

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I have to wake up very early in the morning because of the need to wake up because there are many types of work in the morning and the most important of many types of work is my physical exercise.There is no substitute for this work to keep both body and mind healthy so I always try to do this work.

I woke up and took my hobby bicycle out. My destination is to go to the village side because I have to cycle at least 45 minutes every day. This is my daily routine I try to do this job well every day.The only reason to go to the village is because when I go to the village from the closed environment of the city area, I feel like I get pure oxygen.Every day or even today I woke up and wanted to go to the destination but an incident happened in the middle.
When I saw the clear sky, it started to turn black, there is no blue in that sky anymore.The sky seemed to be calling out loud and lightning flashed.Suddenly seeing this situation in the sky, I stopped my journey in a hurry and for a while I thought that I saw a human-free environment all around me with a fear in my mind.I understand that the rain will come down. It seems that the rain will not stop easily because the condition of the sky is as if the whole sky has turned black.
Today I understood the decision that sometimes has to be changed and then I tried to return home according to the decision.I know this rain won't stop easily when it starts so I tried to speed up and get home early.It finally started to rain before I got close to the house and it got me wet and I somehow managed to get inside the house with the wet body.However, I did not exercise today, but I will try to return to the previous routine if the sky is clear from tomorrow.


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