Learning From the Ant

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Lazy people should learn a lesson from the way ants live. They have no leader, chief, or ruler, but they store up their food during the summer, getting ready for winter. - Proverbs 6:6-8


It is amazing the measure of wisdom one can get from one of the most minute creatures - The ant. Ants are strong, hardworking, tenacious, and daring. Though they can be looked upon as little and weak, they defy this notion with their ways of life. The bible in two specific occasions refer to the ants as sources of lessons for man.

Ants are Strong and Daring

Ants do not get intimidated by the size of the load they are to carry or by the amount of work they are to do, they just get right onto doing it. If you have observed ants before, you would have seen them often carrying food crumbs or dead insects that are much greater in size that them. They do not let the size of these things discourage or intimidate them.

This is a challenge for us, that we also can do much more that we think of ourselves. We all have dreams and aspirations; sometimes, these dreams look bigger than us. With the right attitude and a corresponding amount of work, it will surely be achieved. This however may not apply to unrealistic goals. It is important to strategically map out your goals and steps to achieving them, then stick to the plan.

Ants are Organized and They Value Teamwork

According to the bible, ants have no leaders or commanders, but is it not amazing that they coordinate themselves in such a manner as though there is a commanding officer somewhere? Though an ant can carry heavy loads, but when it comes in contact with one that it cannot carry alone, it goes back to the cave and brings more ants to help in carrying out the task. Together, they do this as though there is a written strategy. Trying to achieve tasks or your goals without external help may be discouraging and too weighty for you. Get some help from people of similar interests and together, you will get the job done.


Ants are Investors

Investment does not apply only to putting money in a business, but applies also to putting an amount of work into an endeavor and hoping to reap its benefits in future. Ants are aware of the dangers of winter for them. It is a time when they will not have the privilege of free movement and may thereby be unable to go in search of food. This they take time to do in summer, storing up for themselves more than enough food to sustain them for the period of winter.

The 'free' service you render today, the extra hours you put into your work, the savings and financial investments you make will all come back to open doors to you. Ensure that you do not live your life only for today, tomorrow holds a lot of promises, as well as uncertainties. Learn wisdom, hard work, proactiveness and coordination from the ants today.

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