Awareness campaign against Covid19 and Dengue virus. Ongoing image highlights

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There are daily refresher classes for coronaviruses and dengue viruses. And within which the instructions are carefully taken. How to keep social distance between children. Strictly prevent children from interacting and exchanging items while teaching in the classroom. And the use of masks is very important.
And children will be more than four feet away from using the washroom.

During the refresher course, all the teachers discuss the daily situation with each other.
And every teacher is working hard on that. That social distance between children is very important. And children are not allowed inside the classroom without masks.
In addition, a distance of five to three feet between children is very important.
Each child will have a separate glass of water to drink.
Children must wash their hands for at least 25 seconds with soap.
Children's entrances and exits must be separate.
There will be no morning assembly
There will be no breaks.
It is important to check the temperature of all children in the morning.
And if a child has a cold or fever, he will be discharged۔

ریفریشر کورس کے دوران تمام اساتذہ کرام ایک دوسرے سے روزانہ کی صورتحال کے متعلق تبادلہ خیال کرتے ہیں۔
اور ہر ٹیچرز اس بات پر سختی سے عمل کرا رہا ہے۔ کہ بچوں کے درمیان سوشل فاصلہ بہت ضروری ہے۔ اور کلاس روم کے اندر بچوں کا بغیر ماسک کے داخلہ ممنوع ہے۔
اسکے علاوہ بچوں کے درمیان فاصلہ پانچ سے تین فٹ انتہائی ضروری ہے۔
جو بچہ بھی پانی پینے کے لیے گلاس ہر بچے کا علیحدہ ہوگا۔
بچے کم ازکم صابن سے پچیس سکینڈ تک ہاتھ لازمی دھوہیں گے۔
بچون کے داخلے کے اور اخراج کے راستے الگ الگ ہونا ضروری ہے۔
صبح کی اسمبلی نہیں ہوگی
بریک نہیں ہوگی۔
صبح تمام بچوں کا ٹمریچر چیک کرنا ضروی ہے۔
اور اگر کوئی بچہ نزلہ اور بخار میں مبتلا ہوگا تو اسکو چھٹی دے دی جائے گی۔


In addition, a refresher course on dengue virus was also conducted as there is a risk of spreading dengue virus in the spring.
Thus, on a daily basis, Corona Wharves is a flying class.
And now we are also fighting dengue.
Because dengue is spread by the bite of a certain type of mosquito.
How is dengue spread and what precautions are needed to prevent it from spreading?
All these topics were openly discussed to make the awareness campaign effective.


We humans have been affected by many diseases at this time. And as we progress in adventure. In this way, we have to pay the same attention in the field of health. Because today we are engaged in making weapons and munitions.
But our focus on health is very limited.
Now we have to devote all our energies to research in the field of health.
Because today humanity is threatened by diseases.
How long will we continue to fight and defeat each other?
Let's make progress in the field of health together.
And cleanse your society, country and this beautiful land from diseases.

















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