Yummy Lunch for Only 1 USD!

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Hello friends especially foodies at @steemitfoods!

Today i would like to share our Saturday Lunch experience. This time in a food stall which was located ITC Roxy, West Jakarta. Why we got our lunch there, cause we needed to buy some groceries in the supermarket which located in front of the food stall.

Here how the food stall looked like


only there was one another food stall around it.

The menu they hung on the back, or you could just pick the ready to go menus on their glass showing case.


Like we did and we asked for their package. It consisted of one kind of meat, two kind of vegetables with rice and a glass of hot tea. And guess how much it was? For a package it was only 16k IDR or around 1.09 USD. We also ordered a portion of another dish, it was potato with beef's feet.
Here was the receipt


The dining area they had here was not large and it was modest, but it had air conditioner.


Look at our lunch


Mom's was their stirred butter fried chicken with fried noodle and also soy sauce tempeh.


While mine was their stirred butter fried chicken with fried noodle and stirred pare (bitter gourd).


We also ordered one of other dish like i said before.


And the taste

Our chicken tasted savory and sweet, the lime press was not tasted that day. But it was still soft and tasty.

The fried noodle is usually delicious, but it was too savory on saturday. The usual taste was savory and sweet.

The bitter groud tasted savory and bitter while mom's tempeh had sweet, savory and a bit spicy. It also stirred with shrimp.

The other dish we ordered had savory and a bit spicy flavour. I love the potato.

So wanna try 1 USD lunch too?
Kantin Akiko
17th Basement
ITC Roxy Mas
West Jakarta
open daily 10am-8pm

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