My Very Own Making Design out of Recyclable Materials😊😊😊

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Hello Everyone☺☺☺

Hope all is good and safe😘😘😘


Yesterday was my sister's birthday and I made some designs to put on the decorations. And this is what I made. A letter design which is the inital letter of her name. And the materials I used are all recyclable.


  • used Tissue Papers
  • used box
  • glue
  • pair of scissors
  • pen(used to twirl)


1.Cut the used box into your desired letter.


2.Cut the used tissue papers into circle.


3.Now lets prepare the glue and be readyto twirl and paste.

  • Place the pen at the center of the tissue papers.Just like the photo below


  • twirl it


  • Dip it into the glue


4.Paste it into the cut letter. Repeat it until you full the whole box.


5.Once you finished it then your done.


(Its upto you if you add some designs just like I did above. I put the name of my sister at the center.)

Thats it everyone. It so easy to make. And take note I didnt bought any centavo of the materials that I used. And take a look of the output its not that bad at all. My sister so loved it and she appreciate what I did. She give me a thanks hugs and kisses.Im almost teary eyed at that moment. I THANK GOD for the guidance and happenings that happened yesterday.

That's all for now everyone. Keep safe always. God Bless and Thank you for your unending support to my blog always☺☺😘

truly yours,


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